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  • Winston Salem Educational Article of the Month - Mole Prevention Tips: How to Keep Moles Away

Mole Prevention Tips: How to Keep Moles Away

Moles can be some of the peskiest little creatures on earth. The way that they dig holes and tear up your garden, farm land and North Carolina property can be as angering as anything on earth. They are just so unbelievably troublesome.

For those who are unaware, moles love to dig their way through the Winston Salem soil creating tunnels all over your property. They eat up your garden and farm vegetables, and make a battle field every place they decide to surface. This can be hazardous to your animals who might step in one of these holes and injure themselves. You may even find that you step in one of these holes and get hurt, and that simply isn’t safe.

The problem with trying to deter a mole onto your property is much the same that you would have with a gopher. The mole digs tunnels everywhere it goes, so putting traps and repellants all over your Winston Salem land is often not effective. Laying out a bunch of commercial repellant around your property will do no good if the mole digs right underneath it. This just becomes something you feel good about using to try to have success, but later feel like a dope for wasting your money on.

There are some repellant ideas that can be the first step in trying to keep moles out of your North Carolina home. Moles are quite repelled by mint. If you place mint plants in all areas where you know that the moles are prone to go, then this is the spot to put some mint. Mint irritates the moles and they will avoid these spots.

You can use commercial products, but you have to use them smartly. Don’t just lay them out at the edge of your Winston Salem property and expect that to keep the moles away, because moles can dig right under that. You have to put these repellants in places where you know the moles will go. Your garden, trash can area, underneath nut trees, or other areas where moles can find food. The repellants will work most effectively when they are in places where moles will likely go.

Understand too that one of the things that moles love to eat are earthworms. If you take away the garden but there are wonderful, fat earthworms that they can enjoy eating then you are not going to have much success. This means that you have to try to do something to harm the primary food source of the mole.

Some have gone to the extreme of trying to limit the number of earthworms on their property, and this is done by encouraging predators to swoop down and take them out. One of the more odd success stories is that a few different people have tried to lure birds to help by first laying some seed on the ground. The people then watered their lawn or Winston Salem property area to lure the earthworms to the surface. The birds saw this buffet of earthworms and swooped down and started eating them up. A few times of trying this and they actually decreased the earthworm population enough that the moles left looking for green pastures, and more earthworms, somewhere else. What the overall impact was on their property is not known, but this did have some effect.

Traps and poisions seem to be the most commonly used option to remove moles. As sad as it is to say, death may be your only real opportunity to get rid of these beasts. Many of the traps that people buy are created to actually kill the mole. They are placed in the ground in areas where moles have often been seen, especially around the openings to their tunnels. As the mole travels underneath the trap to dig a tunnel the trap comes down through the ground and actually punctures the mole, killing it instantly. This is a very effective means to killing off the mole.

The benefit of this option is that many choose to just pull out the trap and let the mole lay in its own grave that it created on its own. Its tunnel system becomes its own burial mound.

For those who wish to go with the poisons, the best way to use these is by placing them in the openings. It is hard to poison the food of a North Carolina mole, because they are not like a raccoon or a fox. You can add poison to normal sources of foods and let them do their thing, but how one poisons earthworms is not really possible. This is why adding the poison to the front of the hole works. The mole steps in it and licks its paws, becoming poisoned. Some go with the option to gas the tunnel system, but this has not been very effective.

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