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  • Winston Salem Educational Article of the Month - How to get Wild Animals Out of the Chimney?

How to get Wild Animals Out of the Chimney?

The kind of Winston Salem animals that are most likely to be found in the chimney are:
1) Birds — Birds are likely to end up in a chimney in a bid to find protection from predators and also because of the warmth associated with the chimney (mostly when the weather is cold).
2) Bats — Bats are likely to be found in the chimney because they love dark places.
3) Squirrels - Squirrels are known to build nests that are very tightly packed in the chimneys.
4) Raccoons — Raccoons are also found using chimneys as a den sites. This particular North Carolina animal is aggressive and can bite.

How did the animals get in there in the first place?
1) An animal can fall into a chimney and get lost in it.
2) Some Winston Salem animals mistake an uncapped chimney for a hollow tree, free to be occupied.
3) The conducive nature of the chimney is a good reason for the animal to want to live in the chimney.

Dangers associated with wild animals in the chimneys
1) Nest made by North Carolina animals in the chimney restrict the effective flow of flue gas, and can cause fire hazards.
2) Any wild animal can escape into the house through the chimney. This is very dangerous and should be avoided seeing that wild animals can be contagious with deadly diseases. For instance, touching a bat can give one rabies. Raccoon also give rabies plus round worms.
3) A wild animal can cause a fortune worth of physical damage in your house if they happen to escape through the chimney into your house.

How to remove wild Winston Salem animals from the chimney
There are a number of ways to get wild animals out of your chimney. They include the following:
1) Create an unconducive environment for the animal. For instance, the raccoons love an environment that is non-noxious smelling, dark, and quiet. They can be evicted by creating the opposite condition.
2) Create noise in the chimney through the fire place. This will irritate the animals and make them want to leave. Make sure to do this after closing the damper.
3) Use the smell of ammonia to make the chimney smell noxious and cause the animal want to leave.
4) If the animal is trapped, try to provide it with a possible means of escape. You can do this by lowering a rope into the chimney, long enough to get to the damper. Then tie one end to the chimney. This will give the animal a leverage to climb out.
5) You can also consider the help of Winston Salem experts if it is too much for you to handle.

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