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  • Winston Salem Educational Article of the Month - Do Rats Chew Through Your Ceiling?

Do Rats Chew Through Your Ceiling?

Yes, a Winston Salem rat will chew through the ceiling. Those scratching noises you hear through the night are not simply the rats running on the ceiling; they may be the rat chewing through the ceiling. Rats will chew the ceiling once they detect a food source. Most ceilings are made of dry wood. Dry wood offers no resistance to the strong and hard teeth rats have. Eventually, the Winston Salem rat will make a hole in the ceiling, and is likely to fall- probably fall on you.

Rats can be dangerous
As mentioned above, North Carolina rats will destroy your ceiling. The truth of the matter is that the rats will not only destroy the ceiling, they also cause health-related complications in human beings. Exposing yourself to rat droppings can be fatal to your health. Rats carry diseases such as plague, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis and Hantavirus. All these diseases can be fatal to human beings. Rats in the ceiling should be removed to avert such risks.

Electrical failures
The ceiling is not the only fixture under threat. Rats can chew electrical wires. There are very many electrical wires on the ceiling. Maybe this is a good thing since the Winston Salem rat will be shocked to death. However, naked wires on the ceiling board can cause fatal fires in the attic and even in the whole house.

Signs that there are rats on the ceiling
Now that you are aware of the dangers North Carolina rats pose when they are on the ceiling, its time you know how to detect the presence of rats in the ceiling. The most obvious sign of rats in the ceiling is the noise. Rats will cause significant noise in the ceiling as they run about and chew on things. The noise caused by rats will be more significant at night when everything else is quiet. The noise may be enough to wake you up. Other signs include the presence of droppings, food piles and nests hidden away in quiet spots.

Removing rats from the ceiling
The ceiling is no place for a Winston Salem rat or any other rodent. The rats should be removed. The most effective way of removing rats from the ceiling is setting u traps. It is easy to set up a trap in an attic. In the case of a dropping ceiling, you may have to remove few of the tiles and replace them with traps. Once the rats are trapped, it is essential you remove them and clean up. Rats dropping have chemicals that attract other rats. Cleaning up will reduce the risk of other North Carolina rats being attracted to the ceiling.

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