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  • Winston Salem Educational Article of the Month - How to Kill a Squirrel

How to Kill a Squirrel

Squirrels may look cute and all, but they are pesky animals that can ruin the beauty and tranquility of your home. They get the dogs barking and get into about anything they can find in North Carolina. They will tear apart your Winston Salem attic or garage if they can get into them, and will ruin the look of your home. There is also the fact that they carry disease in North Carolina, and this can be dangerous to your family and pets.

You have decided that you are tired of them climbing down your fireplace, chewing on the woodwork to your home, digging holes in your flowerbeds or garden and stealing your vegetables, or making a home in your attic. These things need to go once and for all!

You may have even tried more humane ways to get rid of them. Maybe you put up a trap or two, or you tried repellant to try to scare them off, but you are just not having success. It you or them, and you are not a rodent so you should win this battle of wills. You have decided you are going to clear these varmints away once and for all. Final judgment has come, and it’s a showdown for the ages.

So how do you exterminate these buggers from your Winston Salem home? Unless you live out in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina you simply can’t shoot them. That will draw the police to your house and you will find yourself in prison, while the squirrels mock you. That will not do!

You could start with a poison. There are several commercial poisons you could buy that will take care of your problem. You can buy these at most home improvement stores, and they are known to do the trick. The major caution about this is that they are dangerous to more than just the squirrels. If you have a cat or dog they will eat the same repellant. This means you need to put the poison in a place that is accessible to the squirrel, and only to the squirrel. In trees, along your rooftop or near your attic are perfect locations. The squirrel is known to be in these areas and once they take a bite death will come quickly.

Be aware of one more concern before implementing this plan. If you put this in the attic because the squirrels are getting into your attic be aware that they will probably die in your attic. This means you will need to keep a fairly vigilant eye to see if they have died. The last thing you want is dead squirrel decaying in your Winston Salem attic for months. There are several traps out there that will kill squirrels when they are captured. Some operate like a mouse trap in that they close on the squirrel immediately, crushing it. Others trap the squirrel in a cage and then kill them through use of a spike or other closing device. This may sound inhumane, but they are quite effective and usually cause death almost instantaneous. They will help to rid your squirrel problem quickly.

Much like the poison situation you will need to make sure you keep your pets away from these traps. You small kitty or puppy can suffer the same fate as a Winston Salem squirrel if not careful. In addition, you will need to check the traps regularly. You do not want a rotting squirrel in your yard or Winston Salem home. They will attract other wild animals and your problem could quickly become worse than ever.

Traps can also be simple things. One of the best ones is to fill a pail of water about halfway full with water. Put a board running from the ground to the tip of the pail. Next, put a trail of nuts from the ground up the board to the tip of the pail, and pour a coating of nuts over the water in the pail. The squirrel will walk up the board and when he sees the nuts inside the pail he will go into eat them. He will fall in the water and will be unable to get out, causing it to drown. You simply throw away the squirrel and you are done with him.

As with any plan to kill these critters off, if you do not take steps to keep them away in the future then you will be employing these techniques over and over again. You need to ensure that they will not be coming back. Close your garbage can lids tightly. Make sure the squirrels cannot reach the bird feeders. Don’t leave your garage door or shed doors open. Plug holes in your walls and fence in your garden well. By taking these simple steps you reduce the attraction of your home and keep the squirrels looking somewhere else for a home to visit.

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